Pond & Water Features

With so many options, and budgets we can provide you with the relaxing sound of water in your backyard. Whether it be a small container to put on your apartment patio, or a large swimming pond in your backyard. The industry has evolved to give everyone the opportunity to have their little bit of Paradise no matter the size or budget!


To further enhance your new or existing water feature we can work up a general planting design, or plant list that you the home owner can install, or simply have us finish the complete project for you. We will plant a variety of plants that will soften the sides of the pond, and further enhance the natural look of your new water feature.

Maintenance Plans

We can help educate you on how to properly care for your new or existing water feature, or we have various services that we can provide. weekly,monthly, or yearly services available. Everything from spring cleaning, fall shut down, leak detection, Fall netting, erosion control, and mulching services.

Our Latest Works

Rock-N-Water. Making your dreams come true!

Rock-N-Water’s Core Services

Water Gardens

We are able to construct in many different shapes, sizes,
and variations to cater to the homeowners interests, and budget.

Pondless Waterfalls

We can create a water fall feature that will flow without holding the water


Can be as simple as a liner in a whiskey barrel, or as extravagant as a multi tiered stone fountain. Their are literally hundreds of vases, stone, and resin fountains available from many sources.

Patio Ponds

Creating the extra feature that will enhance your outdoor space

Koi Pond

For the Pond Hobbyist that does not prefer to have plants, driftwood etc….,
but want’s to focus on fish as their main hobby.

Maintenance Plans

Check out the maintenance plans that we have to make your pond or features run properly throughout the year

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