Jeff Graupmann

Owner and Operator

What started out as a hobby back in 2006 grew into a part-time business to fund my two girls college fund. Later my passion turned this into a full time career.

I have always had an eye and love for all water/wildlife and the Great Outdoors.

Let me take my passion and attention to detail and create something you and your family can cherish with you friends and family for many years.

Rock-N-Water specializes in Pond & Water Features. I focus on very natural looking water features that are low maintenance and will beautify your property.


I earned this certification from the leading manufacture in the Water Gardening industry, and I am required by Aquascape to keep my certification current by attending Extensive training classes to keep up on the ever changing products, and new building Techniques in our industry.

Why Choose Us?

Because we take great pride in our work, and this is our passion! We pay great attention to detail, and always maintain an open line of communication with all of our clients from start to finish.  We spend our vacations, and any extra time biking, hiking in scenic areas of this great country studying nature, wildlife, and all of the great things outdoors.  We apply many of the things we see in nature, and put it into every water feature we build not only to give it a natural look,  but also give you the least amount of maintenance as possible.  We are certified by the largest supplier of water gardening components in the industry.  As members of the Minnesota Water Gardening Society we are able to talk to 300+ club members on various topics which further educate as so we than can educate our clients as well.  We hope to hear from you soon!!