Natural ponds

We do mostly maintenance with natural ponds as they normally do not have an EPDM liner in them. We add aeration if needed to enhance the overall health of the pond, as well as keep un-wanted weeds away. We also will add product weekly/monthly or yearly to improve the health of the pond.

Ecosystem Water Garden

When we create an ecosystem water feature. We basically are taking a closed body of water and turn it into its own mini “ecosystem”. With this type of system you are able to have both plants, and fish.

Fountains & Bubbling Rocks

Literally hundreds of vases, rock types, and various containers are available to create a beautiful water feature at a minimal cost.

Swimming Ponds

With new technology, careful planning, and by hiring a professional we can obtain great water quality, and clarity for your family to take a hot afternoon swim.

Pondless Waterfalls & Streams

Enjoy the sound and visual effect of running water without having an open body of water. This type of water feature is great for those who are worried about young children around, and those who do not care to have, and care for fish. These types of features also require little to no maintenance.

Fire/Water Bowls

Combining the beauty of fire and flowing water in a self-contained, stand alone water feature

Indoor Water Fountain

The sound of water immediately brings a sense of calm to your home.

Rain Water Harvesting

The accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to run off.


We can fully landscape around your new or existing pond, as well as do a total remodel of your existing pond or landscape. We do boulder walls, as well as supply, and deliver boulders and other materials for the “ Do it yourselfers”

Maintenance Services
that we provide

• Spring Cleanups and Startups
• Fall Shutdown Services
• Weekly Maintenance Services
• Leak Detection
• Pond Upgrades
• Erosion Control
• Delivery Services
• Consulting

Weekly/ Monthly Maintenance Services Available

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